Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Non-Disclosure Agreement by the CLIENT and the PROOFREADER:

a) Type of information

Personal information collected includes the following: contact information (such as; name postal address, email address and personal phone number); financial information and billing information.

b) Usage

Révizio uses the collected information to: efficientlycommunicate with clients regarding requested services; generate client bills for services rendered, particularly in performing the construction of itemized bills that allow the charges to be verified by the client; establish, maintain and develop relationships with clients, primarily in the management of their account; develop, promote and manage services, including market research and promoting new services; assist police authorities, recover amounts from outstanding accounts to Révizio, protect the commercial interests of Révizio (including the implementation of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service) and generally conform to the requirements of the law.

c) Disclosure

It is possible that Révizio discloses personal information to third parties who help provide services to clients or to achieve one or more of the above objectives. When personal information held is exchanged, Révizio uses contractual or other means to provide a comparable level of confidentiality during the period when personal information is in any third parties hands. Révizio will not sell, share, transfer, license, trade or rent clients’ personal information to third parties without their consent.

d) Agreement obtainment

The type of explicit or implied consent from a person depends largely on the sensitivity of the information involved and the rationality of expectations of that person in this case. Révizio will refrain from requiring, as a condition to the provision of services, an individual to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information beyond what is necessary in order to achieve the objectives specified above or other objectives specified at the time of the application for consent. In the case that a client provides personal information about another person, it is the client who provides personal information that has the responsibility to obtain the consent of that person for the collection, use and disclosure of his personal information in the circumstances described above.

e) Agreement withdrawal

Anyone may at any time withdraw his consent per use, preservation or subsequent disclosure of their personal information, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. Clients may withdraw consent by contacting Révizio. The person who wishes to withdraw consent will be informed of the consequences of the withdrawal.

f) Protection

Révizio makes reasonable commercial efforts to protect personal information collected against loss or unauthorized access. The access to a clients’ personal information is restricted to the owner of Révizio. In addition, the use of security of information techniques by way of antivirus, firewalls and access control procedures to protect personal information against loss or unauthorized access is in place.

g) Retention

Révizio maintains the clients’ personal information as long as necessary to meet the needs for which it was collected and to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

h) Access

Clients can contact Révizio at any time to request access to their personal information, and make corrections or updates. Likewise, it is recommended that clients keep updating their information. Révizio could not be held responsible for documents lost or not received due to wrong information in the personal information provided.

i) Preservation

Documents submitted to Révizio remain confidential as well as previous statements for its revision, of writing or printing. Any document that was printed by the auditor or made available will be kept in its original format up until one (1) year after the end of the contract.