Professional Translation Services

  • Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

“ We are better than robots! ”

Professional Translation

A great translated work is more than just words. Translated works that are made by computing software (robots) entangle significance problems: it translates word by word while at Révizio, we translate ideas, emotions and mostly, the messages’ objective.

We consider both the explicit and the implied of the work. Our translators are passionate for terminology and they are language lovers!

It is possible to have professional translation for the following assignments:

  • Business documents (contracts, emails, internal communications, letters, reports);

  • Technical documents (prospectus, manuals);

  • Web content (Websites, blogs, software, Web applications);

  • Advertising content (advertisements, flyers, handouts, brochures);

  • Literary works (articles, books).

In the following languages:

  • English to French

  • French to English